Women Loved Dr. Böll is a wonderfully written satire set in Downtown Miami… It explores the zaniness and insanity Miamians love and endure.” The Huffington Post.

Raúl Guerrero recreates the exuberance and chaos of Miami in unsettling intimacy, while probing the ambivalence of love, sex, betrayal, relocation, greed, art and language.

Raúl Guerrero authored numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, notably the historical novel ​INSOLENCEand Crónica del corazón, a mini encyclopedia for the heart. He writes about language and culture for publications worldwide.


The Poetry of Pablo Neruda/Bilingual

Actor Islara Suoto and writer Martha Otis join Raul Guerrero in conversation about Neruda, and read his magnificent work in the original Spanish and English translations. Jazz and Latin American music intermixed. Le Chat Noir, Miami's premier jazz club. November 15, 7-9 pm. Free but RSVP.

"Pablo Neruda is the best poet of the twentieth century—in any language.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Humboldt: The Invention of Nature 

Explore his life and contributions, from sea currents to volcanos, from the magnetic equator to botanical geography—which led Darwin to the Theory of Evolution. Venue and date TBA. 

"Alexander von Humboldt the most erudite man of our time." President Thomas Jefferson.  

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Need an advertisement campaign adapted to Spanish or present your physics dissertation in English? Want a book translated for Latin American markets? A safety manual? Maybe subtitle public health broadcasts or a movie?



A novel by Raul Guerrero 

The perfect gift for the holydays! 

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Patricia Engel (Wise and Accomplished... Engel has uncanny insight into the human condition. New York Times. )

"It was a beautiful experience to watch such talented actors and musicians bring our stories to life in a new way."

Dr. Debra Lieberman (Evolutionary psychologist, teaches at the University of Miami. Her forthcoming book Objection, on the relationship between the emotion of disgust, morality and law, will be published in 2018 by Oxford University Press.)


"Thank you so much again for the wonderful evening. Had a great time and am glad folks enjoyed the lively discussion.​​"

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