Participants had to Say

Patricia Engel

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of the salon and for such a lovely evening. It was a beautiful experience to watch such talented actors and musicians bring our stories to life in a new way.

Debra Lieberman

Thank you so much again for the wonderful invitation. A great time and am glad folks enjoyed the discussion.​


The New Times:
Modeled after the New York Public Library's Conversation Series and the wildly popular TED Talks, DASS' events are designed to build a downtown community by putting young, intelligent, and — as often as not — attractive people together. The best place in Miami for intelligent conversation.   

Florida Literary Review:  ​

Miami's literary community gathered at the opulent Olympia Theater, long a mainstay of the city's small but dedicated creative class. The event, hosted by the Downtown Arts and Science Salon (DASS), drew hundreds of patrons for a dramatic reading of works by four local authors, accompanied and interpreted by an experimental jazz quartet. 

DASS's curator, author Raul Guerrero, says this is exactly the kind of "intellectual flirting" its members enjoy every month. Drawing on the concept of the salon, which flourished during the European Enlightenment and enjoyed a heyday during the Parisian jazz age of Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, DASS functions as a local social club that discusses themes ranging from science and innovation to literature and music. 

This Wednesday offering produced a conversation among many different art forms: literature, drama, music, and architecture, housed under the Olympia's gilded dome.​ Full Review. 

​​​​ Downtown 

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​ Salon DASS  

​Molded after Ted Talks and a local social club, DASS is about intelligent conversation. We host salons in topics ranging from archaeology and cardiology to urban planning and psychology, from the novel to the opera. And hands-on stuff like fencing, wine-tasting and tango. Miami media rated DASS: "Miami's bests place for intelligent conversation." Salons take place at Downtown iconic cultural venues. Join the Conversation. 

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Women Loved Dr. Böll is a wonderfully written satire set in Downtown Miami… It explores the zaniness and insanity Miamians love and endure.” The Huffington Post.

Raúl Guerrero recreates the exuberance and chaos of Miami in unsettling intimacy, while probing the ambivalence of love, sex, betrayal, relocation, greed, art and language.

The Author: Raúl Guerrero authored numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, notably the historical novel INSOLENCE and Crónica del corazón, a mini encyclopedia of the heart. He collaborates with publications and encyclopedias worldwide. 

DASS Members receive a 20 percent discount at Code: Q 7RRG 747.

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Thank you all for making such a successful 2017 spring semester. We enjoyed some memorable salons, ranging from evolution to opera, from history to jazz and literature. And closed the season with a take on journalism and community building, focusing on the downtown Miami’s transition from a government and commercial center to a full-fledged neighborhood of one hundred thousand residents.

    The fall program promises to be even better. Some of the upcoming salons:

  • The Art of Fencing.
  • Understanding wine (of course with samplings.)
  • The Science of Seduction.
  • New Urbanism: Walkability.
  • Jazz: A Master Class,
  • Climate Crisis, a salon around Al Gore’s new movie An Inconvenient Sequel. ​

As always, Downtown Art + Science Salons take place at downtown’s iconic venues. We are also preparing some special members-only events, including happy hours and smaller by invitation gatherings.

     Becoming a member is easy and inexpensive: $50 a year for couples (you and a guest) and $40 for single memberships. Click here to register.Rediscover the art of conversation over a glass of wine, or two.
  Have a wonderful summer!