20 photographs are projected on to a wall for one minute each, and a jazz trio improvises one-minute interpretations.Marc Schmidt's  Feliniesque chronicling of Miami is surreal and intimately familiar, like shame and ecstasies at once. March 27, 7-10 pm, at edgy 1306 RSVP.

MEDIA WORKSHOP:  A training session for community members wishing to learn fundamentals of journalism to assists in local news coverage.  Date and Venue TBA. 

SCIENCE: The life and work of Alexander von Humboldt. President Jefferson called Humboldt, "the most erudite man of the era. The SALON explores his latest biography The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf. RSVP.


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Downtown Miami

We have some 100 thousand residents scattered around an archipelago of high-rises. We have opera, the Miami Heats, night clubs and fancy restaurants. But not many places to gather for conversation with neighbors and develop a sense of community.

Take a break from virtual reality

DASS is the place to meet fellow Downtowners for conversation over a glass of wine, or two. We are a combination of TED Talks and a local Social Club. Like TED Talks, we believe in spreading great ideas under fifteen minutes, and a social club in the historical sense, a place for exchanging ideas on scientific innovations, books, art, technological trends and how to improve the neighborhood. Yes, take a break from virtual reality and reconnect with real people, with neighbors.  ​


DASS is the best place in Miami for Intelligent conversation, and to meet intelligent women.

Miami New Times.

Miami's literary community gathered at the opulent Olympia Theater, long a mainstay of the city's small but dedicated creative class. The event, hosted by the Downtown Arts and Science Society (DASS), drew hundreds of patrons for a dramatic reading of works by four local authors, accompanied and interpreted by an experimental jazz quartet.

DASS's curator, author Raul Guerrero, says this is exactly the kind of "intellectual flirting" its members enjoy every month. Drawing on the concept of the salon, which flourished during the European Enlightenment and enjoyed a heyday during the Parisian jazz age of Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, DASS functions as a local social club that discusses themes ranging from science and innovation to literature and music.

The Florida Book Review


Bilingual Culture & Society

Feb. 20, 2018. The DASS Story

In the past 10 years, Downtown Miami has changed from a business and bureaucratic center that went to sleep at 5 pm to a vibrant residential and entertainment hub.

We have some 100 thousand residents scattered around an archipelago of high-rises. We have opera, the Miami Heats, night clubs and fancy restaurants, but not many places to gather for conversation with neighbors and develop a sense of community. Read More.

Feb. 14, 2018. Crónica de la palabra amor
La etimología es amma del indoeuropeo, idioma formado del cotejamiento de palabras similares en idiomas de la zona entre India y Europa, que nos conduce a un lugar común seis mil años atrás. Esa primordial amma significa ternura, caricia de madre a hijo, y está estrechamente vinculada a ma2, la raíz universal de mamá. Read More.

Feb. 13, 2018. Saint Valentine, Chocolate and Sex
Before becoming a saint, Valentin was a Roman doctor who officiated the marriage of entire legions against the emperor’s express orders. Emperor Claudio II considered soldiering and matrimony incompatible, and insubordination cost Dr. Valentin his head. The good doctor lost his head but conquered posterity as a martyr of love, securing for himself February 14 in the Catholic Calendar.​ Read More.