An autobiographic exploration of cardiovascular disease. Told in journalistic concise Spanish.  Available in Paperback and E-Book.

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A New Book by Raul Guerrero

​"Finally, the English Version. It's elegant, concise, encyclopedic..."  NBC/Telemundo

Available in Paperback and E-Book.

December 15, 2019

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Translation and Localization

Need an advertisement campaign adapted to Spanish or present your physics dissertation in English? Want a book translated for Latin American markets? A safety manual? Maybe subtitle public health broadcasts or a movie?  Welcome to DASS. We specialize only in English, Spanish and Portuguese, hence we guarantee accuracy. All documents are translated by a subject-matter expert and edited to conform to local style and cultural correctness.  More information.

Content Development

We can translate your ideas into great articles that capture your product's essence and grab your customers' attention. We can handle a single marketing campaign to an entire publication. Our team of writers includes seasoned journalists and creative writers. English and Spanish. ​​

Downtown NEWS

DASS created Downtown News one year ago and built it into the digital/print publication of record for downtown residents. We built and manage a group of professionals in various fields, citizen journalists, to provide analysis, commentary, and news on subjects ranging from municipal politics to street lights, from park management and noise abatement to schools and cultural offerings. 

Fall 2019 

Historic Avenue 3

Talk about the historic Short Street, and block party. Live music. NE Third Avenue (Between N 2nd Street and Flagler. Featuring Historian Casey Piket.

November 19, 7-10 pm. Cash Bar. RSVP.

A Tango Happy Hour

Dance, watch, drink, feel tragic, drink some more, flirt. Feel interesting… What a way to decompress after a long week of work. Find out why the Miami New Times elected DASS the best place in Miami to meet good looking and intelligent people. The Tango Salon/Milonga takes place on the stage of the Olympia Theater. 

November 26, 7-10. Cash bar. RSVP.

A Literary Evening 

Literary Salon

Dramatic readings from Curiosities, Raul Guerrero's new book, a collection of biographic essays on language and sex.  Language and sex are essential and emblematic human functions. Having turned the brain into the dominant sex organ, desire can’t exist without language. And vice versa: no sex no language, no nothing. The book Curiosities examines these two forces in a collage of vignettes, reflections, lectures, fictional passages, poetry, chronicles and dreams. 
December. RSVP.


The Downtown Arts + Science Salon (DASS) has a formidable Fall Program.  

Tango dance party on the stage of the gorgeous Olympian Theater (RSVP) 

A history and architecture outdoor Salon with live music at and about Avenue 3. (RSVP)
Dramatic readings from the new book Curiosities by Raul Guerrero. (RSVP)

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Downtown Arts + Science Salons take place at Downtown's iconic venues.


A combination of open university and a local social club. a place to exchange ideas on scientific innovations, technological trends, books, art, and society. A chance to take a break from virtual reality and rediscover the art of conversation over a glass of wine, or two.