Downtown Arts + Science Salon - DASS

We are a combination of open university and a local social club, in the historical sense, a place to exchange ideas on scientific innovations, technological trends, books, art and society. DASS is the place to take a break from virtual reality, and rediscover live- conversation over a glass of wine, or two.



   And the Media Said?  

DASS is the best place in Miami to meet intelligent women. The Miami New Times.

Drawing on the concept of the salon, which flourished during the European Enlightenment and enjoyed a heyday during the Parisian jazz age of Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, DASS stages discussions ranging from science to literature and music. ​The Florida Book Review.

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 “A wonderfully written satire set in Downtown Miami… It explores the zaniness and insanity Miamians love and endure.” The Huffington Post.

“Raúl Guerrero recreates the exuberance and chaos of Miami in unsettling intimacy, while probing the ambivalence of love, sex, betrayal, relocation, greed, art and language.” Arts & Science Magazine.



The new edition of this novel, set in downtown Miami, features local and international photographers, including Marc Schmidt. Available in paperback and e-book. June 1, 2018.


Literary Salon in Spanish

The best way to fight current xenophobic trends is by celebrating diversity and Spanish, a language of literary excellence: Eleven Nobel laureates in Literature. Don Quixote and One Hundred Years of Solitude are two of the most read books of all time. For this well deserved tribute, four local novelists and one poet will read from current works focused on downtown Miami. jazz interpretations will follow each reading. 

Open to the public with RSVP. Related Downtown NEWS article Tribute to a Beautiful Language

October 4, 6:30–9 pm.

Disgust, Morality and the Law
A fascinating conversation with Debra Lieberman, evolutionary psychologist and coauthor of OBJECTION (Oxford University Press), examining  why the things that we find stomach-turning often become the things render unlawful. 


Professor Lieberman and attorney Carlton Patrick expose a human tendency to equate disgust with moral disapproval. "Just because something is yucky to us,  we tend to jump to the conclusion that is morally wrong. This is a dangerous basis for law making," observed Matt Ridley, author of The Evolution of Everything. It can marginalize people whose behavior we consider aberrant. ​

November 7, 6:30 - 9 pm. 

​Global Warming and Hurricane Intensity

An interdisciplinary conversation with leading figures in climate resiliency about a phenomena that affects downtown Miami residents directly.  While hurricanes are a natural part of our climate system, recent research suggests that there has been an increase in hurricane intensity. In the future, there may not necessarily be more hurricanes, but there will likely be hurricanes that carry higher wind speeds and more precipitation as a result of global warming. The impacts of this trend are likely to be exacerbated by sea level rise and a growing population along coastlines.

The Salon will include a virtual exhibit by renowned artist Xavier Cortada, who has been named among the 50 most influential Miamiams for his work in art, science and education in climate change.  ​

December 5, 6:30 -9 pm.