“A wonderfully written satire set in Downtown Miami… It explores the zaniness and insanity Miamians love and endure.” The Huffington Post.

“Raúl Guerrero recreates the exuberance and chaos of Miami in unsettling intimacy, while probing the ambivalence of love, sex, betrayal, relocation, greed, art and language.” Arts & Science Magazine.



Translation and Localization

Need an advertisement campaign adapted to Spanish or present your physics dissertation in English? Want a book translated for Latin American markets? A safety manual? Maybe subtitle public health broadcasts or a movie?  Welcome to DASS. We specialize only in English, Spanish and Portuguese, hence we guarantee accuracy. All documents are translated by a subject-matter expert and edited to conform to local style and cultural correctness.  More information.

Content Development

We can translate your ideas into great articles that capture your product's essence and grab your customers' attention. We can handle a single marketing campaign to an entire publication. Our team of writers includes seasoned journalists and creative writers. English and Spanish. ​

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The acclaimed Uruguayan National Youth Orchestra together with world-renowned soprano María Antunez and tenor Martín Nusspaumer in one mesmerizing program. Spanish inspired selections from Carmen and excerpts of Zarzuelas, and musical theatre. A journey from Europe to the Americas that encompasses the most classic genres of lyric poetry to the most exotic of tango. 

July 11, 2019. 8 pm. The Olympia Theater. Tickets at Olympiatheater.org 

Downtown Arts + Science Salon - DASS

A combination of open university and a local social club–in the historical sense, a place to exchange ideas on scientific innovations, technological trends, books, art, and society. DASS is the place to take a break from virtual reality, and rediscover live- conversation over a glass of wine, or two.

   What the Media Said?  

DASS is the best place in Miami to meet intelligent women. The Miami New Times.

Drawing on the concept of the salon, which flourished during the European Enlightenment and enjoyed a heyday during the Parisian jazz age of Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, DASS stages discussions ranging from science to literature and music.  The Florida Book Review.

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